Girls Like Me

Girls like me grow up not seeing girls like them in lead roles in tv

Girls like me grow up thinking their skin color isn’t beautiful because society falsely tells them so

Girls like me are told that straight hair is beautiful and professional not their curly, nappy hair

Girls like me constantly get their passion misconstrued as anger

Girls like me have to work twice as hard to prove that they are worth what other girls are given for free

Girls like me have to constantly prove that they belong somewhere because others think they are there to make the “diversity mark”

Girls like me are always photographed during school events because they show diversity

Girls like me are most times the “only ones like look them” in a room

Girls like me are told they are too intimidating for boys

Girls like me are told if they are too strong or ambitious they will never find a man

Girls like me are taught to be independent

Girls like me have to translate the language for their parents

Girls like me are first generations whose dreams don’t just belong to them

Girls like me have parents who have sacrificed too much for them to think that giving up is ever an option

Girls like me fear the current political climate because of their undocumented family members

Girls like me… You’re not alone…you’re strong and beautiful enough