Positive Affirmations

Being kind to others is not a weakness. Being vulnerable is not a weakness.

We must not beat ourselves to strive for the illusion of perfection. We as humans are all flawed in certain ways, however it is these flaws and struggles in our lives that allow us to appreciate the good in life and grow. We can and must work to improve ourselves to be better citizens of this world. However let’s not strive for perfection. It’s unrealistic to expect that from ourselves and from others. 

It’s okay to feel down and lonely at times but please know that you are not alone. PAUSE to acknowledge your feelings, take some time to RESET: rest, think, be lazy. Then hit PLAY and get back to your routine and stay connected! Here are some ways to take care of yourself during this time: accept your emotions, take rest days, dedicate time to a hobby, get some sunlight and fresh air, spend time with God and loved ones.

Happy New Month
We are all in an unexpected predicament and things are happening to us, our family, friends, colleagues that are simply not the norm. I’ve seen myself and others push our feelings away because there are more serious situations happening to others. So we invalidate our problems & feelings as “not serious”, not “worth it”.
But please remember you are important and whatever is happening to you & however you may feel is just as important. Praying this month is better for all of us

We’ve all had to halt our daily lives to prevent more spreading of this virus. It is a difficult situation for many people for various reasons and there are a lot of emotions going on. I’m praying for everyone out there to be safe and strong. Put your safety first, but do not disregard others’ wellbeing as well. Be kind to the people around you and online! And, even though you may not feel like it, the little things you do (like WASHING YOUR HANDS, and phones!) are extremely helpful. My heart and prayers goes out to everyone. Let’s continue to spread support, kindness and love
Ecclesiastes 10:4 “calmness can lay great offenses to rest.”

Society often fails to highlight the incredible contributions made by women throughout history. We don’t really learn history from a perspective that is not that of the white European/Anglo-Saxon male. Growing up I often had to discover through readings on my own (and wait until college) to learn about life, history, literature…etc from women’s perspective. Fortunately, I have also had the honor of being mentored by many incredible women. I have always been taught that as a woman I could accomplish anything in the world, and to always go beyond boundaries, that being a woman was not a limitation but an advantage. I have held a non-traditional (which thankfully is becoming more acceptable) view of what a woman should be, should do. I see it everyday how incredible we are, and it is saddening that still in 2020, there are spaces where women are not treated equally, given the same opportunities, appreciated as they should.
Women hold power, skills, strength that need to be celebrated EVERYDAY.

Happy New Month! March is one of my favorite months because it’s women’s history month throughout which we celebrate the many extraordinary things women have done for us!
One of my favorite podcasts to listen to is History Chicks narrated by two women telling stories about many women throughout history, so check them out!
Call your mother, any strong female that inspires you this month and thank them lol

I was reading this article by BJ Fogg in which he talks about his Tiny Habits method, and it made me realize how true it is that we concentrate on the things that we don’t achieve rather than our successes. Lately I find myself much more critical and preoccupied of my shortcomings, rather than looking on the positive side of things. When our heads hit the pillow at the end of the night, many of us think about the things that we did not accomplish that day, and not the many tasks that we did accomplish. When I truly think about it and I realize how much I’ve actually done and decide to pat myself on the back, I feel more encouraged to improve and do better the next day. So yes “you are doing amazing sweetie” and even though some days you may not feel like you are, think about what you’ve truly done, be kind to yourself and see how amazing you are. 

“Each seedling requires love & attention like any living thing I’d it going to grow up strong” The boy who harnessed the wind. We cannot expect to become the best version of ourselves if we negate ourselves of love and attention. Not necessarily from others, but most importantly from ourselves. Learning to ourselves, working on ways to build our persona, tending to our own needs are important ways to nurture ourselves and grow. You can’t expect a seed to grow if you don’t tend to it, you expect yourself to improve if you don’t love & invest in yourself. 

The confidence that I ever feel is all due to my faith in God. Him being by my side reassures me constantly in my journey and since I have been wonderfully made in his image, I know that I am worthy.
Proverbs 3:26 “For the LORD will be your confidence and will keep your foot from being caught.”

We all have implicit bias against others and our own communities. Even after educating myself and others on bias, I still find myself guilty of implicit bias in some situations. We must check and call ourselves out of our implicit bias when we notice them (in us and others) to make sure they do not affect our behavior and treatment of other people. Correct your biases before they become prejudice, stereotypes, discrimination and racism against others

We all have goals that we want to accomplish, however sometimes our own habits stand in our way. I have been working to discipline myself to be consistent in new habits that will help me grow, and to hold myself accountable in actually doing them.
For example I have a to-study/do list for the day & I set a timeline for what I want to accomplish: I won’t start cooking/eating dinner until I have completed two chapters or finished analyzing my data. Kind of a rewards (food) and punishment (no food) system-thank you psychology!- that helps me be consistent in getting work done everyday especially when I’m home feeling lazy. ——————————————————
Please share some habits/tips that help get work done!
Proverbs 10:17 “Whoever heeds discipline shows the way to life, but whoever ignores correction leads others astray”

I always felt that I had to have everything planned, figured out. This year as I graduated and some things remained a bit not figured out or as I planned to be, I learned to let go and leave it to God. Proverbs 28:26 “Learn not to lean in your own understanding but God’s, for he knows best.”📖Trust him to work on his timeline, not yours. Just because things aren’t happening for you right now, does not mean they will never happen. Be purposeful in your actions, but also learn to have faith that God will have everything work out in a way that will bring you most joy/success/peace.

Envy is such a wasteful emotion. James 3:16 “For where you have envy and jealousy are, there is confusion and every evil work” A wise person once said that other people’s success doesn’t mean your failure. I love seeing others succeed because it’s inspiring! To see how much someone hard work is finally paying off, should make you excited about your own work. God has something in plan for you too

Whatever you are doing, studying, planning, working on: work hard on it. Take pride in your work & keep hustling

Learning to be comfortable being uncomfortable

It’s okay to prioritize yourself

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