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Second Puberty

Second puberty or “my grown woman weight” is what I have decided to call this recent weight gain I am experiencing. You know, I thought I had escaped the “Freshmen 15” curse in college just to encounter it in medical school. Might be because of a change in hormones, might be because I am not… Continue reading →


I recently read “The Vanishing Half”, and there was a line by a white character to the dark-skinned black woman along the lines of how she (the dark-skinned woman) was so lucky to have found her boyfriend because usually, men do not go for women like her.  The other day a white classmate in my… Continue reading →

Keeping Up With Anime

I’m a bit (a lot, overwhelmingly much) of a planner and find joy in staying organized, in every aspect of my life. And that extends even to my hobbies. I like to watch anime and I’m the type that watches several different types at the same time. Ya girl gets bored fast and needs to… Continue reading →

Fly Girl, Fast Girl-Sexualization In Media 

What is the target demographic for this book? Am I too old to be reading this? Regardless, I’m also uncomfortable with the idea of pre-teen or early teens reading this. Why are these descriptions of teenagers having sex so graphic? Amongst others, these were the main thoughts that went through my head as I read… Continue reading →

Boujee On A Budget- Addressing Consumerism

My relationship with clothes is one of my favorite things I like to nurture. Clothes are a way I care for my body so I take care of what I put on (and in) it. There are many reasons why I like to look put together. Because it comes naturally, I like to look good,… Continue reading →

Anxious Christian? Yep, That’s Me.

My journal entry in May 2020: “These past weeks, especially with significant steps being made for my future, my anxiety has been through the roof. I’m so worried because it’s so crippling, I can’t even concentrate to practice for my exams because instead of paying attention to what I’m reading my mind is going over… Continue reading →

 Did I Make Being Single A Personality Trait? 

I never felt in a rush to be in relationship. Whenever I asked, I tended to run the other way. Sometimes I think I just enjoy dating, and I’m not in a rush to find the one. Sometimes I think it’s because I just hadn’t found a person who made me excited to be in… Continue reading →

Deserving of Grace 

My pastor stated that God is not further away from us. We are not deserving of God or closer to Him based on what we do or what we are able to accomplish. It reminded me of what Kimberly Foster (For Harriet) stated about how in our society we grant grace to the people we… Continue reading →

Skincare is Personal

I used to be the type that copied and pasted skincare routines. If something worked for someone, I would just buy the product without doing any sort of research to understand my skin or the product really. It always baffled me because I will literally research into everything I’m into, but not what I put… Continue reading →

Reasons Why I Love Naruto

Naruto’s storyline and growth. Whenever I am going through a hard time in life, I always think about Naruto. He literally overcame so much darkness but did not allow that to affect his kindness or outlook of life. Often things can be so hard, it is easy to be negative and take your frustration and… Continue reading →

Navigating my own anti-Blackness

So I recently read this paper (which I link below) that posed this question: “Do these results indicate that Africans are more integrative into the white dominant culture than African Americans are?”  My immediate answer was yes. My experiences and observances so far demonstrated a higher likeness towards Whiteness that begun to significantly change only… Continue reading →

The grass is not always green

Hearing stories of how people overcame a situation I find myself in always helps me reinforce my motivation and faith. However, these stories often come when that happy ending has been achieved, and while there’s comfort in that, it makes it difficult to know what really goes on in those moments when the happy ending… Continue reading →

Ghana Travel Blog: Top Moments of My Trip

*In no specific order, here are my top favorite moments of this incredible trip* Visiting Cape Coast with my cousins and friend Hugging my grandma for the first time in 14 years Visiting East Legon Botanical Garden  Christmas night at Kikibees  Watching The Princess and Frog with my little cousin and getting to know her … Continue reading →

Ghana Travel Blog: Traveling Tips & Lessons

Today I’ll be sharing some old and new tips and lessons from my stay in Ghana. By all means live the best life that serves you, but I think it would helpful to keep these in mind.  Number 1: Get that hair braided. If you like a low maintenance hair routine, or do not want… Continue reading →

Ghana Travel Blog: Shadowing in Science

During my trip I got this wonderful opportunity to visit and shadow some physician-scientists at the University of Ghana and Korle Bu Teaching Hospital. I know nerddddd but hey I network wherever I can.  Please note that I will refrain from sharing specific details about my shadowing experience. Even if it might not be the… Continue reading →

Ghana Travel Blog: Patriarchy, Who Asked For It?

This post is going to contain a lot of unpopular opinions and it’s not meant to convince or persuade anyone to let go of certain views. This is just me expressing how some aspects within the culture that make me…cringe a little. First, let me say I find it very shocking how many people I… Continue reading →

Ghana Travel Blog: Reading While Traveling

Whenever I travel, I always have multiple books with me to read. It helps pass time at the airport while waiting to board, a great alternative for entertainment in case of a phone dying or a lack of internet connection, or during a long car trip. I mostly like the idea that as my body… Continue reading →

Ghana Travel Blog: Insight To Ghanaian Funerals And Families

It is sad that this trip was brought about by a death in the family. However, Ghanaians have an especially extraordinary way to not only mourn the dead but celebrate their lives.   Ghanaian funerals are usually held on Saturdays and Sundays. Saturdays are for viewing of the body and the burial service. Sunday is… Continue reading →

Ghana Travel Blog: My Parents Really Did That!

As a child of immigrants, you are sort of always aware of the hard work and sacrifices your parents have invested into building a better life. It’s like a subtle knowledge that presents itself always in your life. You embark on a new journey or things get difficult, and you remind yourself to embody the… Continue reading →

Ghana Travel Blog: Returning Home

St. Louis to Newark: I haven’t had the time to really sit and think about this trip. So much happening around me, trying to live one day at a time, I hadn’t allowed myself to think ahead or plan as I usually do, with fear of being disappointed or just not trying to set any… Continue reading →

Let’s talk anime

If you know me in real life or follow me on social media, you know that I am a big anime fan. I have been watching anime since I was young, actually one of my first memories is watching “Hamtaro.” Also fun fact I low key cried when I read the last Naruto (Shippuden) manga… Continue reading →

No ordinary girl

Before you start reading allow me to state that gender is a social construct. Also, words like “masculine” and “feminine” or “girly” or “manly” are meant to be in quotations and this is my face everytime I use them. Gender is not a two sided coin, with just two faces, it’s a spectrum that can be… Continue reading →

My love for f.r.i.e.n.d.s.

If you know me, you know I love FRIENDS, the tv show. I love my real life FRIENDS too, even though they always make fun of me for watching this show way too many times, every year. Like did I convince my brother to get us the HBO Max subscription just to watch it? Yes,… Continue reading →

Representation matters

This feels weird to say out loud and in some way I have felt ashamed by it for a long time but either way stay with me.  It was not until recently that I started dreaming about Black men as my love interest. I know that’s very odd since I have dated Black men in… Continue reading →

Christianity and Activism

I have always had much trouble understanding why that is and accepting this. I have always found several contradictions in what we preach versus what we practice. How can one be pro-life but not say a word about the mistreatments of immigrant children at the Border? How can one tell me we are one in Christ but not be vocal about discrimination against Black and Brown people? … Continue reading →


In moments like this it is important to take listen and action. It is important to understand how the current protests and demand for change, (highlighted by the latest deaths of Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, George Floyd & many others) is not new but deeply rooted in many many years of racial inequality in our… Continue reading →


I woke up today, feeling a heavy pain on my chest. In light of recent events I have been in such a cloudy mood mixed of hurt, anger, anxiety, and sadness. It hasn’t even been more than two weeks since Ahmaud and yet again another innocent black man dies and at the hands of white… Continue reading →


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