Depression and Anxiety: An unexplainable story

Depression and anxiety are two best friends. You see one, you know the other is right behind.

They feel familiar but yet foreign. A part of you that you recognize, part of your normalcy…yet makes you unrecognizable to yourself and others. 

My opponents in a lifelong battle. A battle I’m not sure I will ever win but I know sincerely (even though other days try to convince me otherwise) that I’m not ready to call it quits. I’m not prepared to raise a white flag, but gosh do I want to some days. I want the overthinking to stop, the anguish to stop, the fast heart rate, the feeling of a pit in my stomach, and the constant doubt to stop. I don’t recognize those parts as me. I know that’s not who I am, want to be, or am meant to be. Yet I don’t know life without them. 

But I guess as Meg said bad bitches get anxiety too. (With a feature of depression at times) 

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