Reasons Why I Love Naruto

  • Naruto’s storyline and growth. Whenever I am going through a hard time in life, I always think about Naruto. He literally overcame so much darkness but did not allow that to affect his kindness or outlook of life. Often things can be so hard, it is easy to be negative and take your frustration and anger out to your surroundings. However, Naruto does not do that. He allows himself to feel the emotions (because hey toxic positivity is real, everything isn’t shiny, life can really suck at times) but ultimately remains himself, still shows kindness and tries his best to life better for himself and others.
  • Villains. I mean the villains in Naruto are tough! Sometimes I am really on my toes, because these individuals are truly STRONG! Many have succeeded in killing some favorites and important characters. Additionally, they are all so different, given distinctive personalities and arcs. They also have complex storylines, sometimes making it hard to not low-key root for them. I mean from Zabuza to Orochimaru to Nagato, these villains are fantastic and often fan favorites. 
  • Itachi. And that’s all I need to say.
Itachi GIF - Find on GIFER
  • The Akatsuki. I know I already spoke about villains.  Can please take a moment to appreciate them all for a second. Who can top them? I mean they gave our heroes a run for their money. Destroying entire villages! They were all formidable opponents and kind of funny. Some best moments and fights on the anime was with Akatsuki members. Kisame still kind of creeps me out but yet intrigues me at the same time. 
  • The Great Wars. Wars are not great per say. However, what I like in Naruto is how the display of these great wars gives the audience a sense of timeline and story to the Naruto Universe. They illustrate the background for many of the older (often dead) characters and allow the audience to see their strength in full display. In Naruto, past hokages and heroes are often talked about and have a huge influence on the current characters, so it is good to get a sense of how their lifetime was. Also they illustrate the intricate history among the different villages and towns, allowing us to understand more of the dynamics and politics in the Naruto universe.
NARUTO Hokages Wallpaper 2 by Drumsweiss on DeviantArt
  • Redemption. A lot of people commit some really twisted acts that deeply harms others. A lot of characters are awful people at the beginning of the anime. However, a key message I get from the anime is that no one is unforgivable. We are not above anyone to judge them as unredeemable. We get to witness people grow, they are given space and understanding to grow rather than being stuck with their mistakes. Yes, you will pay for consequences however you are not defined by it. We get to see so many characters being challenged and change their perspectives on life and are given that support and love granted to anyone else. It’s never too late to save yourself. 
Naruto AMV - Funny Moments - Time Lapse - YouTube

  • Comedy gold and heartfelt moments. I think Naruto has a good combination of serious and light hearted moments. Some dynamics themselves are just a laughter relief where you experience nothing but joy, even during serious moments. For example, every time Might Guy and Kakashi interact. Naruto’s dumb moments with Jiraiya, Killer Bee’s awful rap, every inappropriate moment Naruto uses the Harem jutsu. I mean we have some funny characters and moments in the anime. At the same time, there are so many moments that have literally brought me to tears. Like when Kushina and Naruto meet for the first time. C’mon! I know you were crying too. When Itachi told Sasuke he would love him forever! OMG! When Shikamaru avenged Asuma, I know you got the feels! Whether it is sad moments, celebrations, funny moments, you feel them right along with the characters. 
  • The Tailed Beasts. I honestly wished we got more interactions with all of the ten beasts and their jinchuuriki. I don’t know why but I felt like I needed that. But I am going to settle for one the best things ever: The Jinchuuriki and Tailed Beast Song. Whenever you’re feeling down just put this song on and try to sing along lol. 
BORUTO on Twitter: "Generations of Ino-Shika-Cho 🔥… "
  • Jutsu/Techniques. There are a wide variety of techniques possessed by the characters in the Naruto universe. Some more powerful and difficult to maneuver more than others. All interesting and fitting to each individual. There are so many kinds, it’s hard to keep up but it honestly never gets boring. It is also unique to see some characters grow into their skills, improve their abilities, or even watch jutsu navigate through different generations.

Overall, I love this manga/anime series. I’m happy to see it continuing through Boruto and too see many people, including the younger generations, appreciating it online.

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Anime Recommendation: Jujutsu Kaisen.

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I’m loving this new era of animes. I’m a pretty 80-90’s anime girl, maybe early 2000s. But honestly, these new recent animes though…they giving what they supposed to give.

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