Ghana Travel Blog: Top Moments of My Trip

*In no specific order, here are my top favorite moments of this incredible trip*

  • Visiting Cape Coast with my cousins and friend
  • Hugging my grandma for the first time in 14 years
  • Visiting East Legon Botanical Garden 
  • Christmas night at Kikibees 
  • Watching The Princess and Frog with my little cousin and getting to know her 
  • Reconnecting with my first best friend from elementary school  
  • Holding my 4 month old niece 
  • Eating banku and okra stew with my mom and friend while sitting outside under the tree
  • Visiting the NICU at Korle Bu hospital 
  • Watching my mom have fun with her friends of over 20 years and wow they are hilarious & fun to be around!
  • Sitting in the back of a trotro eating fan yogurt ice cream, minding my business and enjoying town views as we ride home 

In addition to my time in Ghana, I truly enjoyed doing this travel blog and videos. Exploring places, whether it be a neighborhood in my city, a different state or traveling internationally, is one of my favorite thing to do, and being able to share these experiences is something I deeply cherish. Thank you for reading. 

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