Reproductive Justice for All

I haven’t had health insurance for over two years now, however living in a first world country I am aware that worse come for worse I can find the adequate resources to address my reproductive health. That is not possible for many women around the globe. In many developing countries there is a severe lack of resources dedicated to health care, particularly reproductive health. Twenty years ago my mother gave birth to me on blanket on a floor in one of the most stable hospitals in our homeland Ghana. Twenty years later there is still an enormous lack of resources in developing countries and the situation is not improving for women around the globe. Policies imposed by the United States has impact on the lives of thousands of marginalized communities worldwide.

The Trump Administration has extended the Global GAG Rule (AKA Mexico City Policy) towards all global health. This policy prohibits all institutions abroad receiving US funds from mentioning, discussing, referring to abortions in any means, otherwise they will lose their funding. Due to this unethical principle many health organizations, such as Family Health Options in Kenya, are losing funding used not only to address family planning and reproductive health but also to support other health services (child nutrition, vaccinations, educational health programs, and others).

For clarification the US has never funded abortions anywhere, therefore the Global GAG rule actually hurts healthcare services and women’s access to health in many various ways that make one understand that this is more an attack to eradicate women’s empowerment and rights. As  one of the attendees at the Population Connection Action Fund conference stated, the United States is a global forefront for freedom of speech and by imposing this rule it limits freedom of speech in health facilities and impedes doctors from informing and giving patients the best options (whether including abortion or not) available to them.

The Trump Administration has made it its’ personal goal to eradicate the development of reproductive health and rights globally. Domestically these bullshit policies would not be supported, therefore the administration is attacking women’s health in developing countries by cutting funding from programs supporting family planning services.

Using ridiculous reasoning, and absolutely fake news, the US has withdrawn funding from the UNFPA (United Nations Population Fund) which is an organization that works in Member States of the UN to provide health services to sustain women’s health care. UNFPA does not administer abortions, and mainly aims to provide resources and services to ensure that “every pregnancy is wanted, every birth is safe, every young person is free of HIV/AIDs, and every girl and woman is treated equally.” The mission of UNFPA and that of many family planning organizations is to promote reproductive health and rights for all,  which is a basic human right that all individuals have. The US defunding such programs is not only promoting unwanted pregnancies, unsafe abortions as well as STDs but is also in violation of basic human rights.

I urge you all to please stand with me, stand with Population Connection Action Fund, UNFPA, other health organizations and women across the globe to fight for human & reproductive health rights, fight for health empowerment and rights, to fight for HER.

Spread this message through your social media, and educate yourself on reproductive freedom and rights, and contact your representatives to support the Global HER Act (bill proposed opposing the Global GAG Rule). Text FIGHT to 52886 to learn more.

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