Saying Goodbye

Today at work, as I walked around, I realized that this might truly be the last time I do this, that I’m on this campus. Yes it’s been almost three weeks since graduation, but it still hasn’t settled in. I never really paused and digested the fact, as I was enthusiastic about the prospect of moving onto the chapter of my life.

However, today I decided to take a moment, walk by Lake Fred (get chased by one of those big flying insects) and reflect on the chapter of my life at Stockton.

One of my favorite memories will be the start of my junior year, becoming a TALONS (The Activity Leaders of New Students) and part of the student development team. I don’t know what I was on but my energy and enthusiasm was at all time high and everyone surrounding me was on the same energy level and it was great. It was the first time I really felt connected with my peers and also felt that I was giving back to the community as a TALONS, part of the student development team, eboard member to great organizations and a senator.

For that I want to say thank you; to all of sky and orange triblets for letting me share an awesome experience with you; to my fellow co-TALONS for showing me what it means to be kind, fun and a role model for others; to the student development team for teaching me how a friendly, safe and encouraging working environment is key to success; to my fellow African sisters from the ASO eboard for all the laughs and amazing fashion shows; to Model UN for adhering to my passion for global affairs and bringing me some of my closest friends (#MUNlove); to Student Senate for helping me find my voice and learning to stand up for what I believe in; to my lab partners and professors for making me fall more in love with science; and to everyone I spoke to who in someway impacted my time at Stockton.

Surely, it took me sometime to find my home at Stockton and even with that it was a wonderful adventure full of tears (shout out to Chem and Physics), laughs, frustrations, joy and great opportunities for growth. I’m grateful and now ready to embrace life and see what awaits me outside of Jersey.

P.S. To fellow freshmen or sophomores reading this, those great moments will come, live fully in them, cherish them, find your passion and work on it. Everything else will work out; and if and when you still find yourself lost, embrace it and learn from your experiences…you won’t have everything figured out by senior year but if I have learned anything: is to have Faith.

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