Eat It Right

I think about my health a lot and for some time now I have been more conscious about the food I eat, and taking more actions to improve my nutrition. Whether through meal prepping, adding more vegetables, eating less processed food (I was never a fan of frozen and packaged meals) or making sure my plates are balanced, I try my best to make sure I’m eating a healthy diet.

However, this lifestyle is really difficult because eating healthy is not always what we want to do or what we think tastes good, it’s not cheap, it’s not readily available and it’s time consuming. (Plus I really love candy and I don’t how to live without it lol).

Nonetheless by eating right, I definitely feel positive changes in my body, my mood and energy. Proper nutrition is really key to a healthy life and decreases the risks of developing many illnesses.

I recently went to a seminar that profoundly challenged me to think about the struggles surrounding nutrition. The challenges due to finances, lack of access to proper foods, surrounding environment being a food desert, the American culture itself that does not promote or allow people to follow a healthy diet. It is true that many of us struggle to eat healthy because we can’t afford it, we don’t know what to cook (or how to cook as reiterated in the seminar), and are not educated on the foods we eat and their nutritional value (or lack of).

Recent incidents of forever 21 sending diet bars to its plus size clients or the Macy’s mom jeans plates also make me realize how society is taking the wrong approach of shaming people as a way they think is “promoting healthy nutrition”. Eating small portions is not a healthy diet, eating diet bars to lose weight is not a healthy diet. Instead of this, we should focus on educating ourselves about what foods benefits our health, advocating for cheaper prices for healthy foods and for more access to food resources for those without, and changing our diets to benefit our lifestyle and health and not to fit in jeans.

Even as I write this I know it’s easier said than done. But it’s important to be aware of these facts and challenges about our nutrition and make the effort to eat right.

P.S. find out more about what I learned from Dr. Edwin K. McDonald at

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