32 Things I Love About Myself

  1. I love my smile, it brightens my entire face 
  2. I love how much I care about my family and friends, they are my whole heart 
  3. I love that I get lost in my books, my way of traveling to different worlds 
  4. I love my imagination, how vivid and real it can seem
  5. I love my overthinking mind, gives me great attention to detail
  6. I love that I don’t quit, because none of my favorite anime characters did, why should I quit on my goals
  7. I love my lips, “labbra da bacio” lips made to kiss
  8. I love that I’m there for others when need be, using my blessings to help others
  9. I love how organized I am, keeps me sane 
  10. I love that I always say thank you to the bus driver, because getting to your destination safely is an underrated blessing
  11. I love that I love God, my faith in him keeps me strong 
  12. I love that I can empathize with others, learning to put myself in other people’s shoes
  13. I love that I am interested in different cultures, a global citizen is what I am
  14. I love that I have a variety of hobbies, never bored
  15. I love that I’m always thinking about how I can be better, growth mindset is the way to go 
  16. I love my eyes, made to see the best in people 
  17. I love my resilience, because no matter how many times I fall I will stand back up
  18. I love that I giggle when I’m excited, expressing my joy 
  19. I love that I’m multilingual, allows me to say I love you in many ways 
  20. I love that I stand for what I believe in, no matter how what others think
  21. I love that I was the weird kid growing up, being different is not so bad 
  22. I love that I am consciously making an effort to love myself and others more, for God loves me why shouldn’t I spread that love
  23. I love that I’m a reader, reading is fundamental
  24. I love that I rather observe & listen than talk, it makes it more meaningful when I talk
  25. I love that I don’t hold grudges, don’t have space in my heart or mind for it
  26. I love that I’m nostalgic, missing those the good ol’ times makes you realize how blessed you’ve been
  27. I love that I cherish memories, no matter how long ago it was I always cherish the people I share them with
  28. I love that I’m not superficial, I think deep and see past the surface
  29. I love my hands, hands made to save lives in the future
  30. I love I have learned to love my body, body that gives me life 
  31. I love that I have dance parties alone, shaking off all negative energy 
  32. I love my legs, that like to walk everywhere 

Book of the month: Still reading The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind” (by William Kamkwamba & Bryan Mealer) but planning on reading “Still Me” by Jojo Moyes next

Article to read:The 3 core skills that every person needs for healthy romantic relationships” by Joanne Davila

Quote: 1 Corinthians 13:13 “And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love” 

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