Homage To The Women

I recently just watched Beyonce’s Homecoming documentary, (I know I’m late) and during it had a flashbulb memory of the first time I ever saw Beyonce (on tv, I wish in person!). I couldn’t have been older than 12, and I was at a family friends house and “single ladies” came on and I was like wow! I practiced that dance so many times alone, she was so fierce to me. So damn fine! Beyonce was the first person to make me think “yes I’m a diva”. Throughout the years she made me realize it was okay to be confident…to be a feminist…and, she introduced me to another great black woman, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. 

As an aspiring writer (yes, I am officially sharing this dream of mine) and avid reader being introduced to a world of black female authors made me feel visible. In fact, reading novels written by black women with black characters made me understand that people of color do exist in spaces of literature.Reading novels by women of color, from Mindy Khaling to Lesley Lokko made me understand that no matter what kind, non-fictional or fictional, we exist, we can create, we can share our experiences and people out there can relate to them. 

It is okay for us women, especially black women, to take up space, going beyond what society tries to limit us to, it’s okay to be more. (Even though I’m still waiting for that album), Rihanna’s journey to becoming a “fashion and makeup and much more” business woman that she is now is so important. I was never into makeup growing up, like I literally couldn’t care less about it and it was because I never felt like it was for me. I didn’t like any brands and to be completely honest I always felt like they weren’t for me, for people like me.

I got a Mac foundation gift once and gave it away to another person because I just felt that my beauty was being altered rather than enhanced…but when Fenty came out and I found something that matched my complexion! Let’s just say I’m not opposed to binge watching makeup videos on YouTube. (Thank you to numerous black women YouTubers who taught me how to do my own natural hair and makeup).

Seeing women with different body shapes included in Rihanna’s lingerie line made me feel more comfortable and confident about my body. Representation really matters. 

A black woman like Riri take up space is so important. They are boldly branching out, following their passions and goals, while encouraging the next generations to do the same. Women in my life have continuously showed me exactly that. 

The first teacher to make me feel welcomed in an environment where I was the only one that looked like me as a kid was a woman, the first teacher to make me see that I’m smart was a woman, to make see that I can do anything I put my mind to was a woman, the first person to teach me resilience, strength, the importance of putting yourself first was a woman, the first to make me see to make see that no matter what the situation is I can turn into a success was a woman, to make me fall in love with science and medicine were women. Women continuously have been teaching me how to be a boss, how to manage, to inspire, to be inspired, to be strong, to make things work, to be successful, to live life to the fullest. 

To my fellow women, on this international women’s day and any other day keep being bold, confident and strong, you never know who you are motivating, giving confidence to, or showing them that they matter. 

Book of the month: “Still Me” by Jojo Moyes 

Song to listen: “I am woman” by Helen Reddy 

P.S. I do not own any copyright to the images included. Happy International Women’s day

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