In moments like this it is important to take listen and action. It is important to understand how the current protests and demand for change, (highlighted by the latest deaths of Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, George Floyd & many others) is not new but deeply rooted in many many years of racial inequality in our country and learn how we can (and must) correct these injustices.

There are several resources out there that can educate us on how to strive for impactful and long lasting change. I have compiled many resources to help us during these times and will work to keep it updated as much as possible. I truly thank all the sources who have taken time to create/spread these resources.


We want to strive for racial unity but cannot do so without acknowledging the past and current injustices that are fueled by racism, hate, discrimination, anti-blackness, and violence. This starts by educating ourselves and others to recognize these acts of discrimination and learning how to speak up and help. Amplify your knowledge, use and share it with others to also allow them to recognize the problem this country has. Read, watch and share. *Note some include direct links!

Books/Articles to read:

Movies to watch:


In addition to peaceful protests in your community, there are several ways one can take action. From monetary donation to different causes and organizations, supporting families impacted by police brutality, supporting small businesses impacted by protests, donating masks to those who are protesting, to engaging in conversations with family and friends to promote awareness…etc. Remaining idle is not right. Remaining silent is siding with the oppressor.

Donate to organizations supporting the fight for racial justice:

Donate to raise bail funds for protestors:

Safely protest:

Black lives matter website has also create a comprehensive list of resources, tips and protection and pro bono lawyers available to safely protest. Please click here. Tread of protestors rights

Support local businesses:

Support local businesses affected by current situations. Racism is also systematic. In order to successfully dismantle racial injustices we have to be aware of how racism affects us in the many aspects of life, including disparities in distribution of wealth. That means also supporting your local and black businesses. Also reason to why I did not link the books included, to encourage us all to try and find them in our local bookstores! Thread of Black-owned bookstores

Here are gathered lists of small businesses we can support during these times. Please click here and here.

Sign Petitions

Black Lives Matter link to several Petitions to Sign

Other ways to be supportive


Voting matters. A LOT. The people we vote for at the city, state, and federal level ALL have an impact on the progress of our country. Therefore with the intent of making the goals for this movement last, we must VOTE. Know when your city and states are holding election and participate.


Being a good person is not enough, learning and not sharing is not enough, being anti-racism but not actively involving yourself to challenge your implicit bias and the racism you may experience around you is not enough. We must listen, we must recognize the plight racism and police brutality have created in our society, we must share our knowledge with others and work to change ourselves and the community around us. If we can all individually even just change one heart that makes a difference. Reflect and change the narrative, start with yourself, your family, your friends, your community. Speak up.


These times are particularly hard and being in the middle of a pandemic does not make it any better. We must rest so we don’t burnout and take care to protect our health, physically and mentally. We are still in the middle of pandemic therefore please continue to wear masks, wash your hands frequently, sanitize your cell phones and items, carry a hand sanitizer, maintain social distancing when possible.

This list is NOT exhaustive, just a place to start. Many more resources are available. I will keep this updated as much as possible.

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