Ghana Travel Blog: Returning Home

St. Louis to Newark: I haven’t had the time to really sit and think about this trip. So much happening around me, trying to live one day at a time, I hadn’t allowed myself to think ahead or plan as I usually do, with fear of being disappointed or just not trying to set any expectations going into the experience. After taking a much deserved nap on the flight, as I open the window and stare the sky seeing the landscape of New Jersey beneath, it dawned on me how excited I am to be going home. To be home and see my family. I indulge in fantasizing about hugging my little sister and my brother who I know will push me away but still embrace me. I missed them, and soon I know this fantasy will be a reality. I smile looking outside the window. Thinking about my father, who I can’t wait to see and bother with what he calls my too much questioning as he shows me the new additions he has made to our home. I realize how much I have missed traveling. Excitement finally sets in. 

  • New York to Accra: the beautiful landscape of Ghana brings tears to my eyes. I can’t believe after 14 years I’m finally returning to Ghana. Excited can’t begin to explain the overwhelming emotions I’m feeling. This honestly ones of the smoothest flights, given that I slept all but one hour. But I’m in mother freaking Ghanaaaa. The national anthem starts playing in my head.
  • Between continuously hugging my mom who haven’t seen in a year, reminiscing over past times, and preparing for upcoming events for the weekend, I haven’t had the chance to just sit and dwell. First let me say I hadn’t realize how living in a fast pace society and my privilege with quick access to certain things had made so impatient. I mean I just have to wait til tomorrow to get some Wi-Fi to connect to my social media and Netflix and I’m going crazy. Tragic. But as I sit here with my uncle and enjoy some kelewele, I coming to realize that I am a different country. Things work differently, at a different pace. Acknowledge, accept, adjust.

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