Ghana Travel Blog: My Parents Really Did That!

As a child of immigrants, you are sort of always aware of the hard work and sacrifices your parents have invested into building a better life. It’s like a subtle knowledge that presents itself always in your life. You embark on a new journey or things get difficult, and you remind yourself to embody the same bravery your parents had or you tell yourself not to give up to make your (parents’) hard work in vain. 

Stepping outside your own lenses, and traveling back home you come to realize truly how far your parents have come. Being born in Ghana, I still have small memories of life before, I remember my old neighborhood, remember being shielded from hardship but still being aware of its’ presence. Now to see the life my parents have built for themselves from their even harsher past, I’m incredibly proud of them. Seeing what they have been able to build, manage while handling the many responsibilities that come with being “the one abroad”, has truly opened my heart to a deeper sense of respect for my parents. 

I had an interesting conversation with another passenger on the plane. Speaking to him ( and he couldn’t have been more than 5 years older than me), discussing how different his trip is versus mine, as him being “the only (first) one abroad”, made me realize how much having my parents had absolved me of certain responsibilities and given me the privilege to turn the other ear. To be honest, I don’t know if I would have the strength to do what my parents done for both their families. I don’t know if I would be that altruistic, be capable of successfully taking on such responsibilities that come with an African collective society.  

To be able to upgrade the entire family, embark on a journey that has entirely transformed the trajectory of our history is my parents biggest flex. 

All to say I’m proud of you, mom & dad.

Dad circa 2000
Mom circa 2003

PS. Day 2 without any internet connection and I hate to admit this but I’m going insane. Yes I could say I’m getting to appreciate little things, or pay attention to local television or be in the present etc. But let’s be real that’s bs, I want to also be social media etc. I miss Twitter.

Trip to Lapaz and Circle, Greater Accra Region

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